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Blake Loxtercamp

Dr. Blake Loxtercamp is a Chiropractic physician and strength and conditioning specialist who dedicates himself to helping patients overcome injury and improve physical function, whether they are a weekend warrior, active individual, or elite athlete. 

Blake grew up in Melrose, MN and currently lives in Lino Lakes, MN. In his free time, Blake enjoys golfing, hiking, lifting weights, watching anime, playing MTG, and spending time with his wife and cats. 

  • BS (Bachelor of Sciences in Exercise Science)- University of St. Thomas

    • Area of focus: the affect of attentional focus on exercise. 

  • MS (Masters of Exercise Science)- Concordia St. Paul

    • Areas of focus: blood flow restriction rehabilitation, concussion rehabilitation, and exercise programing. 

  • DC (Doctorate of Chiropractic)- Northwestern Health Sciences

    • Areas of focus: Motion Palpation, golf biomechanics, pain science, functional neurology, functional rehabilitation, and weight training. 

  • Certifications

    • CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

    • FAKTR (Evidence based soft tissue treatment system)

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